Arda Smart Training Community

Learn how the Arda smart training community is a win for athletes, token holders and data consumers, such as fitness marketers.

What is Arda?

The Marketplace for Meaningful Exercise Data

Our Arda platform enables a decentralized marketplace that connects End Users’ exercise data with the AI to make it meaningful and the Buyers to make it valuable. Buyers are third parties such as health insurers, retailers, advertisers and health researchers who pay in ARDATs to access rich customer insights and can make targeted offers to Users. Users retain full control of their data and can choose to share it with Buyers in return for ARDATs. They also receive coaching insights and guidance from Arda and get rewarded for good behavior using ARDATs.

These two diagrams show the information flow and token flow within the Arda ecosystem. For further information, please read our white paper.

Key Dates

Q2 2018

Main Sale (Ongoing)

With the help of CTIA and Blockhaus sales of the Arda Token went live.

Q3 2018

Apps in Private Beta

iOS and Apple Watch apps went through their second intenal release running the Arda engine.

Q3 2018

Apps in Public Beta

Beta release will be available to select early investors for feedback

Q4 2018

Arda Apps Launched on App Stores

Planned launch of an Arda coaching app for iOS with beta token wallet integration

Q1-2 2019

Subscription & Rewards

Get paid to complete your training

In Market Now

Arda has been licensed by numerous organizations including Centrality, Intel, Lifebeam, New Balance and Oakley.

Our Why

Our purpose with Arda is to help people be their best selves by achieving their fitness goals.


1 - End Users are not in control of what happens to their exercise data – corporate giants are.

2 - Data isn’t helping End Users reach their fitness goals.

Smart contracts are an excellent way to support a marketplace that can form around End User data, giving End Users ownership rights. These ownership rights become even more important after we make the data more valuable.

Lots of data is not useful in coaching End Users to achieve their fitness goals until it helps them answer three critical questions:

1 - What should I do?

2 - What did I do?

3 - How did I perform and therefore what should I do next?

Arda delivers answers to these questions and more, making our ecosystem a strong proposition for the people that care – End Users, health device vendors, health insurers, public health systems, retailers and advertisers. Apps powered by Arda are in market now and have been enthusiastically received.

Arda Whitepaper

World Leaders in Activity Analysis and AI Coaching

The Arda coaching platform is brought to you by Performance Lab. Our co-founders established the first commercial sports science institute and have been analysing activity data for more than 30 years. We have rigorously tested Arda at both the elite athlete level and the beginner level.

Our TGE Advisors

Our Team

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